Apple Arcade loses fifteen games

The ” soon ” turned into “ today “: the fifteen games that were to disappear from Apple Arcade have well and truly left the service, two weeks after being reported on departure. And most of them — all of the ones we’ve tested, in fact — are simply no longer available on the App Store at all. Maybe they will come back…

Apple has not renewed the distribution contract for these games, the manufacturer having signed an agreement with the creator studios of the titles for three years. These games may not have met with the expected success with Apple Arcade subscribers?

For players attached to these now defunct titles, there is still “ at least » two weeks to enjoy it. Then it’s up to the developer to decide what will happen to his game. He can either submit it to the App Store for classic distribution, in which case the title can be free, paid or freemium. Likewise, it will be up to the developer to decide if it supports Apple Arcade user progression.

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All is not lost for games removed from Apple Arcade

As for the section ” Soon removed from Arcade “, she also made the trunk: there are no other games planned which must disappear soon.


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