Apple appears to be reviving Beats Pill+ for another collab after killing it in January

Apple recently killed off some Beats products, such as the Beats Pill+ and the Beats Solo Pro. Now, the company appears to have relaunched its speaker for another collaboration with Devin Booker and Book Projects with a custom Sonoran Desert-inspired Beats Pill+.

The speaker was actually the first completely new product to come from Apple under the Beats brand after its $3 billion acquisition of the company in 2014. The product has now been discontinued with no clear replacement.

The Beats Pill+ originally retailed for $229, but until earlier this year Apple was selling it in stores and online for $179.95. At the time, the speaker was still available from some third-party retailers, but it was completely removed from Beats and Apple websites.

The Beats Pill+ featured a Lightning port for charging and deep integration with the Beats app for iOS and Android. At the time, we rated it a “solid portable speaker and a better product than the Beats Pill 2.0 it replaces”.

Although Beats won’t say when it will launch this special edition or how much it will cost, the brand only revealed on Twitter what it will look like. With a faded black-orange design, it features two letters “B” with the sun in the middle.

A few months ago, Beats relaunched the Beats Pill+ speaker as part of a limited collaboration with Stüssy. On its website, the company said the product “combines the fashion house’s signature Southern California aesthetic with a rich, clear Beats sound field.”

Over the past few weeks, Beats has announced two different collaborations to celebrate its Beats Studio Buds wireless headphones. The latest starts selling out this weekend, as you can read more about here.

Once we know more about this partnership with Devin Booker, will update the story.

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