Apple: App Store users tired of ads!

On social networks, more and more App Store users are complaining about ads! Ads considered unbearable. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Apple in search of evolution

If Apple has been on top of the trend for years, it’s no coincidence. The firm is constantly in search of evolution. Just look at the latest models of computers or telephones.

All are always more efficient and elegant. Lately, it’s the design of the iPhone 13 that has been all the rage, with its extraordinary storage capacity.

Because this model of iPhone can collect up to 1 TB of files. He also has a very good memory. And the design changes from normal, with outlines of the smartphone in stainless steel or aluminum depending on the model chosen.

We also add the True Depth camera which protects the Face ID tool in the event of a fall. Of course, all these improvements have a price! Apple models are more and more expensive.

Wedbush Securities analyst Dan Ives said the iPhone 14 could cost $100 more: “Prices have gone up all the way through the supply chain, and Cupertino needs to pass those costs on to the consumer on this release.”

“There is no doubt that production and component costs continue to rise… These elements would suggest that a price increase may be necessary. But given the cost of living, Apple might decide that raising prices might be counterproductive. »

Ads that annoy

Yes but here it is! While Apple’s prices continue to rise, users are hoping for a change when it comes to ads.

And for good reason, there are many! He is even impossible to escape advertising on iOS. Because it has been in the App Store search engine for several years.

Too much is too much for users who have had enough! Many people want to live ad-free on their iPhone. So will Apple mobilize to change this concern? We doubt it!

Because the news has just fallen, the giant will further strengthen the place of the Search Ads program in its store. Indeed, be aware that the home page will have more ads, with banners between two articles from the Apple editorial team.

And that’s not all ! There’s will also have a second advertising space. The latter will be in the “You may also like” section at the bottom of the page.

On social networks, the comments are very negative: “I’m fed up with ads, it’s worse than Android”, “at the price of iPhones, I think they’re abusing a bit”, “no, but ads aren’t possible anymore! », « they intend to delete them? Because it’s fed up”

For its part, Apple replies that these new locations respect the confidentiality and transparency policy. But users disagree. For them, it’s just another visual pollution.

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