Apple: A new feature will detect pornographic images in messages

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A new feature of IOS 16 will be deployed in France. It will protect children against pornographic images that appear in your private messages.

Better protecting children from digital technology is the will of a large number of parents. This will be partly possible with the new functionality of IOS 16 on Iphone. With several media, Apple announced the implementation of a new function called “Communications security in Message”. It protects minors against the dissemination of explicit images in the messaging application. It should be put into service at the start of the school year when IOS 16 is released.

Warn rather than cure

It is the parents who will decide whether or not to activate this feature (via the Family Sharing options). From then on the phone will analyze the images received on IMessage. If ever the artificial intelligence detects elements of nudity, the image will be blurred. To be able to see it, you will have to ignore a warning message that will warn the user that the person taken in the photo is not necessarily consenting.

Another warning message will be displayed if a minor attempts to submit an Apple specified pornographic photo. The young user will be encouraged to talk about the situation to his relatives if he is put under pressure to send this kind of images. Siri, Apple’s voice assistant should also be updated to respond to requests for advice on what to do in such situations.

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