App Store: the French organization GESTE files a complaint against Apple in the United States

The GESTE takes iron against Apple in the United States. The organization, which brings together most publishers of French content and online services, has indeed filed a complaint against the manufacturer in California. This group action is led by two law firms, one French (Fayrouze Masmi-Dazi), the other American (Hagens Berman). What is at stake is of course Apple’s practices in the App Store.

The GESTE and its members are at the forefront of several initiatives and fights for a more balanced and equitable functioning of the digital world in France and in Europe. “Explains Bertrand Gié, president of the association and head of digital within the Le Figaro group. The complaint indicates that for almost 14 yearsApple took a 30% commission on paid apps and in-app purchases.

“This lawsuit seeks to repair the harm Apple has caused to iOS developers residing in France (customers and participants of Apple services in the US domestic market), by violating US antitrust law and California fair competition law” — Hagens Berman

The complaint wants to force the end of the “abusive monopoly” of Apple and allow competition in the distribution of apps, but also to reimburse the developers the additional costs due to the abuse of the monopoly.

The firm Hagens Berman is well known to Apple: it is she who made the Apple bend in a class action similar. To avoid going to trial, Apple gave in by putting in place (relatively minor) accommodations and distributing $100 million to US developers, which amounts to a sum ranging from $250 to $350,000 depending on the history of their activities on the App Store.

The American representatives of the GESTE hope to obtain something equivalent for the French developers, invited to make themselves known to Fayrouze Masmi-Dazi.

The GESTE is not at its first attempt. Last February, the group filed a complaint against Apple, this time before the Competition Authority, to denounce the anti-competitive effects of the advertising tracking framework (ATT).


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