App Store: Apple retired 439,000 apps in the second quarter

Sacred spring cleaning that of Apple during the second quarter! According to a report by Pixalate, the Cupertino company will have removed a total of 439,000 applications from the App Store during this period, or 87 (!) times more than a year ago. This big sweep had created controversy last April: faced with Apple’s warning that their application must imperatively be updated to remain on the App Store, some developers had retorted that all applications – such as games video, for example — didn’t necessarily need it.

Apple explains the brutal spring cleaning of the App Store

Of course, these hundreds of thousands of applications were not all removed from Apple’s software store for one and the same reason. If Apple frequently removes applications considered abandoned, it also happens that the developers themselves request the withdrawal of their application, or that the latter violates the rules (sometimes nebulous) of the App Store. Since these statistics are private, the Pixalate report unfortunately does not contain any information on this subject.

Pixalate image.

It contains a lot of numbers, however: in the second quarter, Google removed “only” 153,000 apps from the Play Store, which means that Apple was responsible for 74% of the removals during this period. Of a total of 439,000 apps removed from the App Store, 64% were considered discontinued (not updated for more than two years), 16% (70,000) were games, and 3% (14,000) were targeted for audience of children but did not have an explicit privacy policy.


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