Another life saved thanks to the Apple Watch

Last May, Kim Durkee first received a notification from her Apple Watch warning her that “atrial fibrillation”, a heart rhythm disorder, had been detected. Skeptical, Kim didn’t pay attention to his watch at first, thinking it was a misinterpretation. For three days, she did not react. But on the evening of the third day, as the watch sends her a new alert, Kim becomes worried.

She then decides to go to the emergency room to check the state of her heartbeat, despite the fact that she does not feel any symptoms. ” I said to myself, I’m going, and if they tell me there’s nothing to worry about, I throw the watch away she said.

Upon arriving at the hospital, the doctors confirmed the diagnosis of the watch: his heartbeat was really irregular, and this, because of a tumor which had developed rapidly and prevented the circulation of blood to his heart. This tumour, called myxoma, grows rapidly and causes fatal cardiac arrest. She was already four centimeters when discovered.

She was then able to have open-heart surgery and be saved from certain death thanks to the alerts from her Apple Watch. One more testimony in favor of the sensors of the watch signed Apple, in charge of monitoring the heart rate of their owner and the alert in the event of an anomaly.

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