An Incredibly Detailed Walkthrough of Four Apple Stores on Grand Opening Day

Couldn’t make it to the opening of the very first Apple Store at Tysons Corner on May 19, 2001? Nor to that of the Stanford shopping center, in October 2014, which inaugurated Apple’s mini stores? And the Apple Store of the 5th in New York, in May 2006? Well, did you at least go to the inauguration of the Infinite Loop Store, on the Apple campus, in September 2015? Nope ? But damn it, what were you doing?!

Do not panic, with his new app Shop Different, Michael Steeber has modeled in great detail these four Apple Stores on the day of their inauguration. It is possible to wander freely and alone in these stores (which is not so common), to run there and even to squat because why not.

Tysons Corner.
At the time there was a children’s corner to play.
The big New York store on 5th Avenue, with its glass staircase (which you can go up and down).
The Infinite Loop store allows you to buy t-shirts and all kinds of Apple branded products that are not sold anywhere else.

Maniacal care has been taken in the re-creation of these stores, be it the furniture, the posters or of course the products on the shelves at the time of the inauguration. So much so that it’s even possible to boot an iMac G3 running Mac OS X 10.0 from the Tysons Corner Store! It’s really a pretty crazy job, full of nods to the history of Apple (especially in its small video sequence from the beginning) that we can enjoy for free by downloading the software at this address. Recent Intel Macs and Apple Silicon models are compatible. We can donate to the developer.


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