An Apple 1 prototype belonging to Steve Jobs at auction

More than 300,000 dollars: here is the amount you will have to pay at least if you want to buy the prototype of Apple 1 on sale at RR Auction at the moment. Estimated at half a million eurosthe beast was hand-soldered by Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple when the firm debuted in the United States in 1976.

The device, which belonged to Steve Jobs, will officially find its lucky owner on Friday August 19 next. However, it is very likely that the buyer will remain unknown. You can try to participate in the auction yourself by following this link; fifteen people are already in the running. This is not the first time that an item of this kind has been offered by RR Auction, which we also saw in action a few weeks ago.

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piece of history

If this piece is so expensive, it may also be because its past is more than remarkable. Indeed, it turns out that Jobs demonstrated it at Paul Terrell when he was still manager of the Byte Shop in California, one of the first personal computer stores. The objective was to make a sale that will be successfully concluded between the two men.

According to “wow“, the order of fifty systems which will follow is for him the most significant event of the firm at the apple. Since then, it has presented Macs which represent a significant share of the overall market alongside Windows alternatives. Latest foal to date: the MacBook Air M2 with MagSafe port, notch and macOS Monterey under the hood.

Apple 1

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Apple Computer 1 Spec Sheet

Marketed from April 1976, the Apple 1 personal computer at the time only had 256 bytes of storage and 8 KB RAM, expandable up to 64 KB. In total, about two hundred units were produced and sold on the west coast. The price was then 666.66 dollars, which represents more than two thousand current euros taking into account inflation.

However, there are only a few Apple 1s still in working order, counting on the fingers of one hand and regularly appearing at auction when they are not exhibited by private collectors. - Official App – Official App

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