Amore Pasta, a new dark kitchen in Caen, only offers pasta on delivery

Amore Pasta is a new pasta bar in Caen only available for delivery.

Love Pasta, this is the story of a new establishment in Caen (Calvados) which has neither premises nor its own kitchen but which, nevertheless, offers dishes on delivery. With confinements and the boom in meal deliveries, the phenomenon of “ dark kitchens has multiplied.

Only in delivery

In concrete terms, these “shadow kitchens” are betting everything on delivery: there is no place to go to order or eat, no phone number or even email address to book. Everything goes through the delivery platforms.

This is therefore the case of Amore Pasta, a newcomer to Caen since March 11, 2021. This restaurant specializes in pasta and offers tasty recipes. At its head, the manager of an Italian restaurant in Caen who prefers to remain anonymous so that there is no confusion between the two.

Share the kitchen of a restaurant

“The dishes we offer on Amore Pasta are not on the menu of our first restaurant,” explains the manager. This idea for a pasta bar was born before confinement but materialized with the extension of restaurant closures. “A large part of our kitchen was not used and the chef was getting tired of being at home so we started”.

On the menu are pasta with gorgonzola cream and pancetta chips, pasta with tomato sauce and roasted peppers and other recipes always based on fresh pasta to discover only on their Instagram account or on Uber Eat. “Deliveroo is also coming soon,” says the manager.

I like this secret side, a little ghostly and then at the moment, betting on delivery is important.

Profitable for the manager

From an economic point of view, this initiative remains profitable for the manager: there is no purchase of funds to open an establishment, no additional rent to pay, no work to do, no employees to hire. . “We’re just redoing our kitchen and bringing our chef back for the pasta.”

And after ? Will Amore Pasta have its premises one day? “We will have to think about it when we reopen our first restaurant. For the moment, we only do this pasta bar during closing time”.

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