Amazing Bomberman will drop its bombs tomorrow on Apple Arcade

A great classic for evenings with friends, Bomberman is preparing to make its big comeback on Apple platforms. Yet another version of this explosive game, Amazing Bomberman, will be released tomorrow exclusively on Apple Arcade. As usual, a trailer of the game is available on the game page and on YouTube (epileptics abstain!).

For those who missed this cult game, the principle of Bomberman is to drop bombs to destroy parts of the decor, obtain bonuses (which are sometimes penalties), get closer to your opponents and try to eliminate them with well-placed explosives. At the risk of blowing yourself up…

For Amazing Bomberman, Konami also introduced a musical element: the background of each battle arena displays music videos made by Japanese artists. According to the description of the game, this gimmick also influences the gameplay : The arenas are transformed according to the music. Let’s hope the game doesn’t become unreadable.

Amazing Bomberman joins Jetpack Joyride 2 on the list of releases for this month of August on Apple Arcade. You can also play with My Talking Tom+ (the ad-free version of a sort of tamagotchi cat) and Love You to Bits+, a point n’ click that looks particularly pretty.


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