Alma to Apple’s rescue to boost iPhone sales

A young innovative fintech that works with the biggest

Alma, a French fintech created in 2018 by Louis Chatriot and Guillaume Desloges, is a young French start-up that is now playing with the big guys and shaking up traditional players with a financing solution that is now increasingly widespread.

Indeed, Alma is the winner of the call for tenders launched by Apple to facilitate the purchase, and therefore the financing, of its products. For this, the solution proposed by the young startup is simple: Alma offers customers a split payment (also called “Buy now, pay later”). Thus, when they are about to buy on the website or in the French store of the apple brand, a possibility of payment in installments free of charge (within 4 or 24 months).

This solution, innovative and free for the consumer, is actually financed by the merchant, who bears the interest, while the payment service takes the risk of non-payment. Indeed, this is a real financial challenge, since Alma must be able to make a first direct debit, and to ensure that the following monthly payments are obtained.

This major new contract thus illustrates the growing confidence that market players have in Alma, which has been raising increasingly large funds since 2018 (€3.3 million in 2019; €12.5 million in 2020; 49 million in 2021; 115 million in 2022). The icing on the cake, fundraising is also accompanied by the signing of contracts with increasingly important customers in terms of turnover, with in particular the well-known company Maison du Monde, whose turnover exceeds one billion euros.

A changing financing market

Alma is thus blithely shaking up the players already present on the market, such as SOFINCO, which has until now been in charge of providing payment facilities for Apple customers, or CETELEM, which offered its services to Maison du Monde.

The advantage of this type of solution is obvious: if a customer does not have the necessary funds to buy an iPhone right away, they can spread out their payment. Apple thus avoids the risk of losing customers who could decide, in view of the state of their finances, to move towards cheaper phones, or to postpone their purchase. sine die.

What’s more, thanks to this solution, the merchant immediately has the full amount that should have been paid at once by the customer, which represents significant cash flow facilities.

Be careful, however, for customers who would like to benefit from this payment facility: not all products are concerned. Indeed, if Iphones and many accessories benefit from this partnership, this is not the case in particular for Macs, Apple’s emblematic products.

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