After the Buitoni scandal: here is the best pizza in the fresh aisle according to 60 million consumers

Not easy to choose your pizza in the supermarket? Especially since the E.coli bacteria scandal in Buitoni pizzas has hit the whole market hard. As part of its file on eating good, healthy and cheap, 60 million consumers have looked at this product.

Having a pizza in the fridge is always practical. Except that after the recent food scandals, including the one that affected frozen pizzas from Buitoni’s Fraîch’Up range, contaminated with E.coli bacteria, you may have thought twice before taking your meal out of the fridge. evening.

If 60 million consumers do not have the means to determine if a product presents a health risk, the magazine has on the other hand made every effort to compare several brands of pizzas sold in the fresh section as part of its file devoted to “eating healthy, good and cheap”.

Composition under magnifying glass

To conduct its study, the magazine analyzed the composition, the Nutri-Score and the price of nine ham and cheese pizzas, sold in the fresh section in the supermarket.

In this comparison, it is the pizza of the private label Fiorini, marketed at Intermarché, which gets the best score. In addition to being one of the cheapest, it is also the most qualitative, according to the magazine, which highlights extended ingredient lists for all the products screened.

However, even if the Intermarché pizza stands out thanks to “less sugar, salt and a low price”it presents, like all the pizzas analysed, nitrite in its composition, a controversial additive.

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