After a year and a half confined to a wheelchair, France Télé presenter Henri Sannier is gradually regaining the use of his hands and legs

He was for years one of the most smiling and sympathetic faces of France Télévisions, moving cheerfully from the presentation of the 1 p.m. news to sports. After spending a year and a half confined to a wheelchair following a neuropathic disease, Henri Sannier gradually regained the use of his arms and legs. In an interview with the Journal d’Abbeville et du Ponthieu Marquenterre, the journalist recounts his fight.

In December 2020, he saw his life change after a bicycle fall. A few days after this accident, he contracts a virus which causes the loss of use of his legs and hands.

After more than a year and a half spent in a wheelchair, Henri Sannier says he was followed at the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital in Paris. There, I received a treatment called plasmapheresis.” A new medical process that turned out to be a real ordeal. For four hours, they filter my blood to renew my plasma. It’s been 17 times that my blood is thus filtered,” he said.

Thanks to this treatment, for about a month, Henri Sannier has regained the use of his legs. And to conclude with a message of thanks for the viewers who sent him many messages, but also for his loved ones: “I have always been well surrounded by my wife Sylviane, my children and my loved ones. And my grandchildren, Alice and Louis are a makeover and a great source of motivation.”

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