above all, do not consume this product which is dangerous to health, it is preparations for pizza dough

It’s amazing how a simple reminder can cause panic in all the supermarkets in France. Here we go, we tell you all the details!

Too many reminders?

For several months, the French have been hallucinating. They find that the few ingredients on the shelf have problems. Detected under a microscope, these famous bacteria can cause incredible health problems. It would be impossible to list all the consequences of the product recall. What is obvious is that everyone is trying to organize themselves on their own scale. But is it enough?

At the house of Objeko, we will never forget the story or the dignity of this mother. Right after eating that slice of pizza Buitoni, her child is paying the price for this food scandal. In hidden camera, we discover the negligence of the factory bosses. Is this the tip of the iceberg? Frightened, we ask ourselves a thousand questions every second. After months of hospitalization and rehabilitation, the little one is out of trouble. Alas, the verdict of the doctors is without appeal. She had sequelae all her life. How do I make sure this doesn’t happen again? Who should be punished, the manufacturer or the retailer? For the moment, the debate remains open! What is obvious is that we need to organize ourselves better to deal with bad news. And this is not the last reminder to date that will ease the tensions!

What is the procedure for this recall?

Since the start of the 2021 school year, we have been trying somehow to resume our pre-pandemic habits. However, the arrival of different variants of the Covid lets us envisage a macabre scenario. Indeed, we fear the whole establishment of a new curfew or even worse, of confinement. Each time this has been the case, supermarkets are the scene of unprecedented scenes. Some don’t hesitate to be verbally or physically threatening to get an extra packet of pasta. The only positive thing about it is that we were able to have fun shaping recipes as a family. Alas, we don’t always think of checking whether or not the object is subject to a recall.

At Casino, we decide to highlight the producers of our regions. However, from time to time, a product escapes the vigilance of those responsible. Spread the word, the one that writingObjeko going to touch on in a few seconds was supposed to make your life easier. Alas, as you can imagine, the exact opposite is going to happen. What a pity ! For the past few days, there has been panic. Therefore, stores are once again sounding the alarm. Reacting afterwards is good, but you still have to do it correctly. If you ever bought it or even consumed the one that sows chaos, you must contact the recall experts on 08 00 13 30 16.

Never again !

If you have a Casino, Vival, Spar near you, you must have seen it. Considered a safe bet for beginners, this product aims to help us prepare delicious pizzas. Like sweet toppings, you don’t necessarily have the right mix of ingredients to take yourself for a Top Chef candidate. Fortunately, the manufacturers have clearly understood the interest of involving us in the kitchen and are thinking about alternatives. Alas, no one had anticipated that the powder would become a huge playground for dust mites!

Easily identifiable, this package must disappear from your daily life. By returning it to the store, Casino has planned to reimburse you or give you a credit note. And since a scalded dog fears cold water, the least we can say is that you won’t be going back there anytime soon! When will this black series with reminders of this ilk end? As the Covid figures are on the rise again, we are thinking about a method to manage this seventh wave gently… Courage to all, and until then, take care of yourself and those around you. Sometimes, a handful of seconds of inattention is enough for a drama to settle in your daily life. We hope not to have any more disasters to announce to you anytime soon!

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