a teenager comes out of a three-month coma

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– Published on 27 Jul 2022 at 19:20

A young teenager came out of three long months of coma after being contaminated by a pizza from the Buitoni brand. The parents of the teenager give her news.

Last February, a health scandal hit France. Indeed, several Buitoni brand products have been recalled by distributors following contamination with E.Coli bacteria. The Fraich’Up range was the main one concerned. Very quickly, dozens of children in the country were hospitalized with food poisoning. Some of them have moreover lost his life. On March 22, an investigation was opened for manslaughter, deception and endangering others.

On February 14, 2022, a 12-year-old girl and her sister ate one of these pizzas contaminated with E.Coli bacteria. The teenager was taken to hospital four days later with severe stomach pain. Léna’s state of health had rapidly deteriorated to the point of falling into a coma. Last April, the girl’s father confided: “The neurologists made it clear to us that if someone came to tell us that she would walk again, sing again, as before, it would be a liar. Doctors tell us it’s a fight of a lifetime”. Léna’s parents therefore had very little hope of one day finding their little girl. However, last May, the teenager suddenly woke up after three long months of coma.

Lena has significant mental disabilities

A few days ago, the girl’s parents gave her news during an interview for the RMC channel. They thus explained that Léna was already able to walk, speak and eat. During the day, the teenager is in a rehabilitation centre, at night she goes home. However, her father Cédric explained that she had mental disabilities. In particular, he confided: “She doesn’t recognize everyone. She lost the equivalent of four years of her life. When we talk to her about her sister, she remembers her, but much smaller. She doesn’t remember what happened last year. She is very, very late. His mental age is between 8 and 10 years old, maximum”. As a reminder, more than 50 children would have been contaminated by a Buitoni pizza.

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