A Norman at the French pizza championship

Arrived 6th in the regional selection, Jimmy, a restaurateur in Lillebonne (Seine-Maritime) has long prepared his participation in the 2022 French pizza championship organized in Paris.

Jimmy Pestel is a pizza pro. Real, handmade with only good ingredients.

Passionate about his job, this former employee of a fast food chain took over in 2019 by taking over the pizzeria “La Pizza Bona” in Lillebonne, a town in Seine-Maritime located not far from the Tancarville bridge, between Le Havre and Rouen.

After completing an advanced training course, Jimmy has become an expert “pizzaiolo” who knows that the quality of a traditional pizza begins with the dough. A homemade dough whose ingredients he revealed to our journalist:

“There is wholemeal flour, there is sourdough and there is yeast, fresh baker’s yeast”. These ingredients are then mixed with a mechanical kneader. Then the dough is kneaded by hand, incorporating air into it before resting and “rising”. Dough pieces are then cut, weighed and left to rest.

The result of a long apprenticeship and perfect mastery, confides Jimmy: “In fact, what is exciting in pizza, and in the dough itself, is that it’s alive, it grows, there is a chemical reaction, and sometimes we fight with it! that’s what I love. And my pizza dough is a worked dough, which I learned to make with my mistakes…”

When preparing a pizza, when the order arrives in the kitchen, Jimmy Pestel takes a piece of dough, flours it and works it by hand to stretch it and form the edges. Once garnished, the pizza is baked in a special oven at 350°.

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VIDEO: meeting with Jimmy Pestel, Seinomarin candidate for the 2022 French pizza championship. Report: M. Weber and L. Gazar (editing: L. Lefol)

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It is with this know-how that he decided to present himself at the 2022 French pizza championship organized on March 30 and 31 in Paris, on the sidelines of the trade show. “Parizza” dedicated to Italian gastronomy.

After the regional selections, where he ranked 6th, he prepared his participation in Paris at length by developing, in Lillebonne, a competition pizza but remaining in the “classic” with a creation embellished with a pesto revisited in a whipped cream.

A pizza developed with the tasting advice of his mother, before going to make it in Paris in front of the national jury and among the 150 competitors of the 2022 French championship.

It was on Facebook that Jimmy Pestel communicated the result of the competition. No podium for him, but a good memory for his team: “A big experience for the three of us with small mistakes that won’t happen again. A desire to improve and train more and more. Really happy to have participated in this French championship.”

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