a new vintage atmosphere pizzeria

A new pizzeria opened its doors in Lure on July 13, on the Charles-de-Gaulle esplanade. The former premises of La Crêpe rit 70 now house La Taverne du Chevelu, an authentic establishment that offers pizzas on the menu to eat in or take away and a very wide choice of wines and beers.

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The vintage atmosphere plunges customers directly into the passion of manager Christophe Aubry: the Harley Davidson world. He decorated the restaurant himself: he built and set up his own bar, and unearthed antique furniture.

several lives

Pizza is not Christophe Aubry’s first vocation. The restorer began his professional life with a training in carpentry… in the end never touching wood. He served in the army for four years, before working at the Plombières-les-Bains casino in security and then as a slot machine maintenance technician. Thereafter he worked as a bouncer in a nightclub for more than ten years. Christophe Aubry calls himself “self-taught”, he never stops learning and appreciates change.

His passion for pizza comes from Rémi and Nanie Pizz in Vesoul, an establishment run for years by his friends who have shared all their know-how with him.

Fresh and local products

For Christophe Aubry, product quality is essential. It is supplied by craftsmen from Haut-Saônois. The poultry does not come from very far since it comes from the Carteron butcher’s shop, located just next door.

As for the smoked sausage and ham, he gets his supplies directly from the butcher’s shop Le Saloir de la Vallée, in Froideconche. As for dairy products, the manager trusts the Mauron dairy and cheese dairy, located in Gray-la-Ville.

To accompany the fresh and local products, the pizzeria offers 25 varieties of wine and as many beers on the menu.

A planned terrace

Very soon, a selection of pasta will complete the menu. Christophe Aubry would then like to add salads to the menu, in order to satisfy as many people as possible. Another project, the development of the terrace, to welcome customers outside. But no haste: the manager says he wants to proceed “step by step”.

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