A new pizza distributor in Pont-Audemer

The Gang of pizza distributor is located in the Etangs district ©Marie-Christine Devillers

pizza gang is a 100% Norman distributor. It was created in 2017 at Lisieux (Calvados), the result of an encounter between a professional pizza maker with 25 years of experience and a manufacturer of vending machines from Normandy. Subsequently, several pizzaiolos joined forces to create the Gang and in 5 years, the brand has developed well and today counts 230 distributors in France.

Pond Street

As the brand still wishes to expand into the Eure department, the establishment of a distributor in Pont-Audemer (Eure) was essential, the nearest already existing being located Beuzeville and Cormeilles. A privileged location, since it is located rue de l’Étang, just at the entrance to the Carrefour store. The principle is to sell a wide choice of pizzas with free access 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, for people who work at night or at odd hours, for example.

The menu includes 12 different “gourmet” pizzas including 7 original and permanent recipes like the Queen, 4 cheeses or Regina… or with a thicker dough like the Neapolitan and 5 original and ephemeral recipes like recently the Mexican (Guacamole, tortilla, and chips ).

But it will also be possible to taste the Normande garnished with the famous local Livarot from Père Gautier.

Gang of pizza ensures that their pizzas are still made every morning, manually in “hiddens”, such as dark kitchens which do not welcome the public and are dedicated solely to manufacturing for distributors, near each point of sale. For Pont-Audemer it will be Lisieux.

Two options for tasting the Gang’s pizzas already pre-cooked and stored at 3°C ​​in the machine: hot, reheated directly from the vending machine or cold with the possibility of reheating them at home.

Pizza distributor Gang of Pizza Rue de l’Étang 27500 Pont-Audemer 7 days a week, 24 hours a day – Gagofpizza.com – Facebook and Instagram.

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