A boy almost blind because of a toy that all children play with

Even if they seem harmless, some children’s toys can turn out to be very dangerous. A young boy unfortunately experienced this recently. Because of a simple laser pen, he will never see like before again. Without further ado, we give you more details on this story. Thus, you will know the dangers of this kind of toys.

A young boy is seriously injured with a simple laser pen

Little Jonny Marshall was barely seven years when he lost 75% of his sight having fun with a laser pen. Since the accident, his mother has fought tirelessly to have this kind of object banned. It was during his sister’s school fair that the young boy discovered the laser pointer that turned his life and that of his parents upside down. The object was present on one of the stands. Naturally, Jonny Marshall immediately wanted to grab the toy and take it home. As all children do, he therefore begged his parents and obtained their approval. Far from suspecting the dangerousness of the objectthe latter offered their son to buy it with his pocket money.

But while playing with his brand new laser pen, the toddler had the bad idea of ​​pointing the light at his eyes. The consequences were dramatic: in less than a second, the laser beam burned the retina of the eye. Result: Jonny Marshall lost 75% of his sight. Namely that the retina is the sensitive part of vision. Focusing a powerful light on it can indeed cause damage up to the loss of visual acuity. The sequelae depend on the location and diameter of the beam reaching the eye.

His parents want to alert other families to the danger of this toy

In the United States, health organizations have specified, laser pens normally display a power of between between 3 and 5 milliwatts. Within this range, these objects are not dangerous. But it happens that some models have a higher power. In this case, laser pointers can indeed cause visual disturbances.

Either way, Jonny Marshall’s parents are upset. Today, his mother is doing everything she can to ban the marketing of this toy and thus protect other children. Determined to prevent such a tragedy from happening again, the family of this young boy organizes prevention campaigns to alert as many people as possible to the dangerousness of laser pens.

As far as you are concerned, you have now been warned. If you see such an object at a fairground or school fair, keep in mind that its design may does not meet safety standards. So make sure the power is in line or go your way and save your child’s eyes.

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