a 55th opening with heart

The Pizza Cozy franchise is continuing to deploy its network by opening the doors to a whole new point of sale at Perpignan. An inauguration which will also have enabled the brand to a donation of 300 euros to heart’s Restaurant.

Expansion & Donation

It is in the Pyrénées Orientales and more precisely in the town of Perpignan that the sign Pizza Cozy set up on July 6, 2022 to set up a whole new unitthe 55th more exactly.
Located at 17 boulevard Georges Clémenceau, the new pizzeria is operated by two brothers, Arnaud and Alban DECOURBEinterested in entrepreneurship for several years.
Complementary, the two brothers are delighted to be able to start this new adventure together. Indeed, if Alban has an experience of more than 20 years in the restoration and will therefore manage the technical part, Arnaud meanwhile will be in charge of all the administrative part in the back office of the project. The new franchisees are accompanied by a team of 6 versatile employees.

“We have wanted to have a joint project for years. We naturally turned to franchising for all the advantages that this business model represents. We are delighted to be able to make it happen alongside Pizza Cozy. A brand in our image: young, dynamic with values ​​based on eating well! We had a real feeling with the head of the network, which confirmed our choice to join the brand. Now we can’t wait to write history! », says the sibling.

For the occasion, the brand offered pizza lovers the opportunity to come and discover its creations by offering a special operation : 1 euro per pizza for the first 300 sold. A gourmet and solidarity action which has thus made it possible to donate all of the sales, i.e. nearly 300 eurosto the association of Restos of the Heart of Perpignan.

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